0About Project Batete

Batete is a Rwandan word that means ‘Being shown affection’. The aim of the project is to empower teenage mothers and, mothers to be aged 15-18 living in both urban & rural setups in all 30 districts of Rwanda.

These girls have faced a lot of hardship at a young age. They have had to put off their education, have experienced mental health issues, don’t have the means to earn an income or a sustainable career and are therefore more susceptible to poverty and exclusion.

Covid-19 has further exacerbated these issues and increased teenage pregnancies and further isolated this vulnerable population’s access to resources.

Project Batete is an art-centric female-run pilot project that will voice the girls in the local community. The initiative will select seven (7) girls who will be led through our Scars of Soul healing workshop, a safe space for the girls to express their thoughts and feelings with each other and mentors.