0About Project Batete

Batete is a Rwandan word that means ‘Being shown affection’. The aim of the project is to empower teenage mothers and, mothers to be aged 15-18 living in both urban & rural setups in all 30 districts of Rwanda.

These girls have faced a lot of hardship at a young age. They have had to put off their education, have experienced mental health issues, don’t have the means to earn an income or a sustainable career and are therefore more susceptible to poverty and exclusion.

Covid-19 has further exacerbated these issues and increased teenage pregnancies and further isolated this vulnerable population’s access to resources.

about iamge
about iamge


Healing Arts Residency

The initiative will select seven girls who will be moved to a safe house for the one (1) month where they will be taken through the healing and empowerment sessions by different mentors.

Podcast: During the bootcamp a series of conversations will be recorded to be aired on Project Batete’s podcast. This will enable a wider reach and more impact in the community.

NB: The girls identities will not be revealed and the recording will happen only when we have their consent.

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